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I think nostril, foot and clit size, as well as labia appearance marilyn lips v. To all the offended folks on this thread: Objectification is the key to male sexuality — and judging by some of the comments regarding dick size, to female sexuality as well! There is one Gaping Flaw in your reasoning, darling; this is that women with IQs over are so utterly bored by males with your set of priorities that we are, de facto, Out Of Your League. We spend much more time fending off clueless pretenders than we do bemoaning our imperfect figures, and when we finally do Settle Down, it is with the pick of the lot.

Most of which are saliently lacking in the author of this site. First, sorry to call you by your real name. Unlike you fag We prefer virtuous, intelligent women to cum-dumpster crack-hos. Please refrain from stereotyping all men. Go fuck yourself up the ass, queer — and keep up the good work on this blog. This test was an excellent trolling device and it was successful in baiting all the bitter old hard ridden minghags out into the sunlight. Master Pua has it right: Even more hysterical than the original post are the many, many comments indicating how seriously people took it.

To all the offended women out there: So, have yourself a good laugh and move on. This cracks me up. Your site is… enlightening. The way you view things in your young fratboy scope is hilarious at best. Going to some LARP session where there are nothing but chicks. This thread is another perfectly preserved exhibit of feminist shaming language in action.

Almost every disagreeing female post is hyperventilating, self-deluded ad hominem vitriol and marshalls precisely zero evidence in support of of the virtually non-existent counter argument. I hate you I hate you I hate you. My life is great. All my friends say so.

Women lie so much that men get confused. I get more quality attention between the range also. I am most comfortable at 21 so I am heading back there whether my SO likes it or not. I think some guys may be confused and would hurl in disgust if they saw a real life BMI Not their fault though, people lie.

I seem to comply with your idea of beauty, but thankfully not your idea of an attractive personality a. As bittersweet as this is, it gives me a great number of chances to tell guys like you exactly where to stick their sexism. Lesson of the day: Do not do research on google, you may loose your faith in the human specie in the process. Everything not related to the body, however, according to the criteria, I was either neutral or positive. This is complete nonsense. Please tell me how on earth a can get 5 points???

Here in Europe that limit generally varies between 14 and Oh and with regard to point 23, that look is disturbing. Its a standard of beauty that makes people look alien, not attractive. Jennifer Anniston, Naomi Campbell, etc,etc none of them have such features. That look is just gross. For your info 16 is not illegal for adults in a few states, Maryland being one of them, not to mention in Germany, for example, it is legal for 17 year olds to be prostitutes. Peak female reproductive years are in the range of around 16 to Please explain how biology trumps sociology all the time.

Clearly you have not been educated considering the cultural differences throughtout history and the world. In Ancient Rome, men used to take teenage boys as, for lack of a better word, concubines yet our modern society is homophobic. Please explain using biology. Surprised there is no question on here about what if any STDs you have.

Were I not an atheist, I would thank god everyday that I have herpes. It works like a charm to scare of assholes like you. I would much rather take a 14 year old than a 29 year old as a girlfriend. The chance for the 14 yo. When and if we decided to have children after a few say five years, the former 14 yo. The former 29 yo. I strongly believe in and propagate for both the nuclear family and eugenics, and think that no child should be born outside of wedlock, and that no child with e. Downs syndrome should be born at all.

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I got an 11, and lost points for being flat-chested, having a flat butt, and being smart. Most of the questions made me laughm seeing as they were just plain ridiculous. Nobody knows who made the quiz, and nobody knows what you look like. Thought it would be interesting to see where I ended up. Interesting discussion, but originally a devastating quiz. I believe the contrary is true, I believe that we are made to be overly self-aware of our bodies, hence the prevalence of anorexia, bulimia, other eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and cosmetic plastic surgery, which are all at record highs.

Girls are taught at an early age to reach for a nearly impossible physical ideal. And compared to the unreachable, almost always UNREAL beauty offered on the magazine covers, almost all of us will choose to believe we are less physically appealing than we really are. However, men are also adversely affected by the media. What I hope CH and all of the followers of this particular thread understand, is that not only are we all puppets of the media and marketing blitzes, but that this has kinda been true for the last several hundred years.

Which also makes me wonder why he chose to use height-weight indices from United States, the height of the wasp-waisted housewife era, exactly 50 years ago. Once upon a time, it was considered the height of fashion to be as pale and plump as possible, as this was a showcase of how wealthy you were, to be able to eat as much and stay indolent indoors.

The Golden Lotus is a female foot broken, bound, rebroken, rebound, and so on, to keep it three inches or less in length. This took many years to achieve, and once the process was begun, ensured that the woman would never walk again, if she ever had. If you were born in a hospital in the United States in the last 50 years, you were very likely genitally mutilated without your consent. Yep, ye olde foreskin. Think hard on how popular culture has affected you personally before you get ugly with the ladies.

These actually do matter to guys granted they are not looking only for a one night thing. I quickly scanned the room and found the eyes of an older gentlemen and […]. Also, I am very pretty, which is easily the most important part of attraction. This is really bullshit though. I used to date full blown alpha males. So I may not be perfect according to these standards I scored a 15 , but how many guys are perfect?

Funny to see people mad at the author. They should be trying to lose weigh instead of reading blogs. This is kind of tricky…in the world of good nightclubs and cool parties pretty much all the girls are in the region of in terms of hotness. But these are not taken into account by the test. So if i am a waitress and the other girl is a famous actress or a successful fund manager, we have exactly the same market value?

So holding everything else equal, higher social status — higher market value. Coming from Northern Europe, it seems unbelievable that such sexism and narrow mindedness as displayed by the author of this blog actually exists. How fucked up, frustrated, unhappy and phobic does one have to be to hate the opposite sex like you hate women.

You will never be in a happy heterosexual relationship, not even with an Asian woman who hardly speaks English. You sound like you know it all, but you are visibly unhappy and angry with something, very emotional so you cannot make objective observations. You are really screwed and apparently so is the society around you.

Excuse me, but how dare you? You judge the blogger for making this test which to you is offensive and narrow minded yet you make a comment like THAT? So why are you being condescending towards us and putting us down? You sound like you are visibly unhappy and angry. What a racist comment. Not all women want the alpha male after realizing how selfish they can be. As an accessory, she sucked.

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I was very disappointed in her. I think this test is too easy on girls. I did the test for me now, and then again for me when I was being treated for Anorexia. I scored higher when I was seriously ill and I can assure you really not attractive. I can imagine that if I was in my teens and came across this site I would find it very damaging, since I score pretty low.

Given that my experience of dating has been completely different and whole lot more awesome than your test says it should be though, thankfully I can see just how full of crap this is! Well first of all, I have a BMI of So I kind of take it personally that people keep on exclaiming over the sure psychological issues people with a low BMI face. I test in at a 48, so make what you will of that. Last year someone you would term an alpha kept trying to hook up with me, almost always when he thought I was drunk.

Far from attracting me, I found this behavior rather repulsive, and when it escalated I finally had to report him for harassment. I want someone who can make me laugh. I want someone who sees me for who I am. My boyfriend understands how I react to things that hurt and upset me, because we both get cool and distant, and because we understand that about each other we never allow ourselves to get complacent.

In all his shining beta-ness he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I love him for it. But eventually- I emphasize eventually- people want to be understood. To everyone reading this, I challenge you to find a time you were more unsettled, surprised, turned on, terrified, or relieved than when you realized someone ANYONE actually understood you, even if it was just a small facet of who you are.

But that feeling is worth more than any attitude, any appearance, any level of financial success that a person has. All people want it eventually. All people need it eventually. Eventually, wanting more becomes the average. Not even if your experience has found you judged based on these factors. Some of my readers may […]. Yeah this seriously robs any woman of self respect. You will get more attention that way than any other way. Men are usually attracted to younger women.

I like older and younger, but young women are better at making babies and evolution has shaped our attraction switches with this in mind. Game is fundamentally about learning what is attractive and unattractive to women. What one does with this knowledge is up to the individual. Care — of course. But listen with skepticism. Game teaches one to read between the lines.

I am too fat and almost too smart to ever fall in love. I guess I better get more cats and start up my plan B for dating which is to be the awesome artist lady a la Frida Khalo. Black girls with Big Booty and attitude for miles turn tons of male heads of their racial counterparts. If I were black my hotness would go up quite a bit, everything else being equal. Also, the good thing about having a high BMI is this: I have had boyfriends assure me that I am hella sexy, despite my weight, but as of a few weeks ago I have begun regular workouts.

Dating Market Value Calculator

I think confidence in men and women can overcome a lot. I dated a total asshole with an average cock, and we had the hottest sex of my life for 8 years, till I finally pulled it together and dumped his ass. I continued your test ignoring the BMI, was honest about every other question and I came out a I consider 13 to be lucky, though minuses, not so much. Thought this was actually a pretty good website: The amount of hate mail is hilarious. On the other hand, I scored I have to stop saying fuck and shit once in a while so that I get to Or get a rhinoplasty.

To the people who wonder about the anal and foul language.

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There are different things. It also shows how well raised you are in a relative way. And another thing — hotornot is inaccurate. If it is symmetrical enough it need not be. Ah yes, I had forgotten that you are a controversialist who likes to criticize people of a certain religion that responds violently to well-deserved criticism. Understandable that you want to be careful. I will post a comment on your blog; I also have my own blog polymathblogger. While most of the above posters are right to comment that there are a lot more criteria on attractiveness, they are subjective and not a generally valid to attempt to classify your attractiveness to the average bloke.

I like that I started out with negative points for being over I like more that being 15 years old would have scored me positive points. Where are we, high school? No, just kidding I got a Likely Aloof is your middle name. Tell ya what, if debasing is your concern. Or take a couple of drinks before you go out. Should be a piece of cake then. BTW, what is your Wisdom Quotient? No such a thing? Brilliant people are outliers, but that is only relative to the particular time frame context, beside other criteria. Speaking of Jews… the occurrence, not matched in other groups, of brilliant people withing Jewish gene pool negates you statement.

IMO, the ladies need to lighten up. This is something important to be aware of because it affects how people generally relate to you, and how even an exceptional male will gauge your social relevance and treat you based on that. The two tools together can make someone a dangerous woman. I scored a -4, which is on the border of lesser and classic beta. This is good news and bad news. Women have to stop looking at this as devaluing, and look at it as an optimization tool. Moneybags or Pooty Tang…just a guy who is a man doing more with his brain than porn and football, who has balls. You will too, if you give it a chance.

I am a year old who has body dysmorphic disorder. So, of course, when you ask if we have major physical deformities or minor, we answer major. Actions have consequences, and not just for BDD sufferers. When you say, on the Internet, something bitchy about how someone else looks, you have no idea who that person is or how that might affect her or people who read about her. BDD has one of the highest suicide rates of any mental illness.

In the world where this site lives, looks equal worth. If someone believes her looks are monstrous, why should she get up every morning and give it another try? Would you all prefer we just gave up? NOK, this world is a hard place. However, at a site like this, that is built around proactively tackling the new dating market, you have to step back, calm down, and take things as they are. Yes, there are a few malicious people here who equate looks within a limited template with worth, but those kinds of people are everywhere.

You must also understand that others are not responsible for your recovery. Triggers are going to be there, and you have to learn to live with that. Your inability to resist them is an issue that you have to solve within yourself. Putting things in perspective may help. I can probably lend you some tips in that direction. Men generally prefer women who are smaller than them because of natural size differential in mammals. Female mammals generally have a higher bodyfat percentage than males, and still weigh less though.

So the fattiness of femaleness is attractive to men, within a healthy range. Even now, many doctors make a lot of money getting women to kill themselves. He has sure learned a lot about men and women from watching television. The website is entertaining though and I have learned a lot about guys. What about other behaviorial traits? Some average girls can crank up their numbers a bit with behavior.

Also, I believe hair needs to be ranked as well. I mean, you broke down the face and the clothes, but what about hair? I love your blog. Fact is, most women will give themselves lower scores because of their very low self esteem. Maybe you should be adding 10 instead. Up until the point he leaves to go boink an alpha chick. What is with this rating crap? You know this modern consumerist society has turned everything into like a catalogue even human beings. What scares me about whoever wrote this: Everyone is so jaded. I guess this is what happens when people no longer wait for marriage, 50 partners down the line, love doesnt exsist and only superificial garbage does.

I was raised conservative and told to wait til marriage, both me and sister waited til we were with our husbands. We both talk about how the world lives very different. Love is being destroyed with this garbage. Some will sneer, yeah cause you was ugly [no I had plenty of offers even had a creepy old millionaire who wanted to marry me.

This is what modern culture has wrought; wow it is so ugly to see on both sides. How shallow, and horrible to see. If some of you jaded men want to find a decent affectionate women, find one that has rejected feminism and who is a Christian. Also stop adopting the standards of the culture around you that is based on your social programming [someone else has mentioned this]where you want your women to look like the mind-controlled celebrities, who are air brushed to death in magazines and look like mannequins.

Great you got a clothes hanger, in the room, now does she have a personality, or any character? The luciferians want everyone judge by bodyparts, looks like the dopes here have bought it hook line and sinker. ALL hot women have a noticeable gap between their thighs pussy lips. Its noticeable no matter how skinny or curvy from kate moss to beyonce. Some skinny gals dont have it and some curvier ones do Kim Kardashian, jlo. I get a lot of hits from this page so I did this quiz again and I ended up with a There is where the flaws lie in this quiz.

I realize that some of them are supposed to be funny or are meant to emphasize how important a certain answer is but it skews the test. No one likes to be in the minus numbers. Other than that, it is a pretty accurate quiz. I am a classic beta. As for the bigger ladies, like I said. IMO, this quiz is your street worth. Kind of how you look to strangers.

If you want love, you need your personality to shine through in a personal setting where physical appearances have ceased to count anymore i. Of course, with exceptions, like the quiz maker suggested. Screw the test, the numbers mean nothing. It does seem harsh but the world is a harsh place. Men pick mates based on physical appearances. You keep getting these women who lost some weight in an effort to up their value in the system, so they are often the staunchest supporters of it. I was one of these- pretty but fat. Then you have the women who have always been hot.

Dating Market Value Test For Men | Chateau Heartiste

Or… actually usually they just come in and drop a line about being a 50, add in an emoticon, and bounce. Which proves that they also run on a system of superficial values. Their arguments should probably also be ignored. Then you have the men who hate women and use the whole evolutionary thing as an excuse for immoral behavior.

They come in and drop all the lines about fat whores. Black Cowboy, you sound ridiculous and ignorant. You also sound self hating. Get your racial act together. Basically the only completely reasonable argument I have heard thusfar and it was totally ignored! She basically admits that there is a system and we do work in it, but we also have, as humans, the ability to disengage and work on a higher level than that. And then try telling me again that we should be subject to the exact same rules as every other animal. Or at least differant than that. I think you should ignore the argument by the person above. That involves cutting the fat. Sorry if that comes off as trying to be enlightened and superior. This, too, seems ridic. Enlightenment about the real nature of dating as a woman? Which is also ridic. Of course, I did attack what you said. All if not most- of these arguments make perfect sense. CR rarely reads this. It basically consists of comments about the nature of the quiz. As for my own opinion, I agreed with this quiz when I was fat and I agree with it now even when I am not as fat. Does that mean I have a questionable personality?

By losing weight I only went up a few points. Then we have the actual misogynist males who actually provide a lot of insight into their psyche with their comments. Many of them are jaded by attractive women and disillusioned by media so they project their own insecurities on the women who refuse to accept the test. CR is a half wit who spends most of his time teaching a bunch of socially inept nerds how to score some ass. He is hardly a scientific researcher and this is hardly an academic journal. It rings true but what do we know? The whole thing could be refuted in a few years and how many of us will use this test to judge a woman who we want to date?

Who would want to date someone who used a test like this to rate them? This is not a debate. Everyone has valid opinions. Good job, on what is obviously a popular blog post! The comments section is definitely a clash of the uglier gender stereotypes. I figure this is OK because I am married to a worshipful beta.

I hope nothing bad happens to him, because if I were to be single again I would be completely fucked alas, not literally…at least not by anyone I would want to fuck. However, I still find all of this fascinating. I believe physical beauty can be judged objectively and I, unfortunately, got dealt a shitty genetic hand. In fact, pre-marriage, I had lots of sex with many men who were more attractive than me. Of course, they were just using me for sex, but then again, I was using them for sex too. No harm, no foul. Someone was looking for relationship. You same chicks that are upset probably live and die by the bs in Vogue and Vanity fair!

Yet another blog post made by a self-righteous male, whose opinion is taken at face value by himself as applicable to every female encountered. It is also worth mentioning that your complete shunning of a female with high IQ is laughable. But hey, thank you for sharing your fetishes and subtle insecurities with the world. I wish you the best, though; you will suffer dearly. Extra points for getting indignant and self righteous yourself.

How the hell can you value a Dating Market Value based off of blowjobs and nose size? It ignores other beautiful things in women that stand out and knock out other women. I think the test is fairly accurate. I got greater beta, with or without the subtracted 10 points, and that sounds about right judging by my experience of the real world. I lost a bunch of points for being old, mostly. I think that this test is fairly acurate. Its natural that a test like this pisses of many good looking women and makes the fat ones go bezerk.

Eating shit food and not exercising is being lazy and dumb. Nobody likes fat people and making this statement pisses off half the population. Saying that younger women are better also pisses of the majority of the first world country women. The comments were a waste of time to read because of the flamewar, but the post was very entertaining! I think if a woman does anal it should be more points. Anal is incredible for men who truly enjoy giving it to their women.

I guess they were expecting a test that would reassure them that everything is okay, and they are a special little snowflake that brings all the boys to the yard. This is not a grade-school test. A 64 is the perfect female. Since none exist, this means that naturally some answers are going to conflict with others one response wrote that you arent likely to find a girl who likes to take it up the ass and also doesnt use swear words often.

This would be the case for the perfect, but nonexistant female just as there is no perfect male. An incredibly high IQ is intimidating in both women and men. It is also imporant to take into context how many points are taken away. If only -1 point is given for having a high IQ, what does that say about how easy it is to overcome that? This test is not the end-all of your dating life. I scored as a lesser beta on his male test, and yet Ive gotten 3 chicks in the sack in the past month. Consider it more of a first-impression test. The same people who scored low on it, expecting to be just shy of perfection, without realizing that like a pyramid and not a grade-school test, there are incredibly few women who will score high, and with relatively few women scoring high, most are in the same boat of mediocrity and thus you arent going to be shoved out of the dating market altogether.

People who entertain the notion that a more desirable woman is physically attractive is somehow sexist i. The fetish for moles in certain locations and the application of so called beauty marks is something I personally never understood.

Moles are icky regardless of their location in my opinion. Could somebody please explain the psychology behind this? Apparently aplaness is not judged by look. I guess it will have to take a female writer to do the job. I might be making a mistake by arguing, but in any case: Some people choose to donate money to show their appreciation for the hard work.

Most people know that writing a blog post like this takes a lot of time and effort. I know because I run a blog myself, and I have quite a few followers. Trying to keep it anonymous though, here. But then again, it is his blog… Definitely a esteem booster as I got a 42 though. Hot or not determined I was a ten, too. Points were mostly taken away from the fact that I have a high IQ and that I am Asian and so I have oriental features. Smaller eyes and such. Have a good day in your world. The test is so accurate because my friends are the ones who always overcompensate their looks of a 6 by heavy drinking, dressing up in flashy clothes and getting all loud on Friday night..

And if you think that highly intelligent men are generally a great catch, think again. I do love Monty Python and video games, spending an entire night talking about determinism over a bottle of wine and getting excited when the right person lends me the perfect book, as a way to tell me how much he knows me. Some people are happy to be nerd bait.

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About Grow your Grades. Study tools and advice. Uni home and forums. Careers home and forums. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. What can you expect from the first two weeks of uni? Students reveal all here Go to first unread. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1. Also, brownie points if you are under-age or underweight!

So, I had a go and scored More than a few attractive guys will approach you.

How a woman's age affects her Market Value

But if your personality is flawed you risk becoming a pump and dump victim. It fills my submissive female heart with sadness to know I am never going to win an 'alpha's heart How do you perform? If you cannot detect it, GTFO. Report 4 years ago 2. LOL that must've been made in the misc. Report 4 years ago 3. How ever will I find a man to objectify me now?? Also that hair question seems like they want a girl with selective alopecia, hairless but you shouldn't have to shave Posted from TSR Mobile. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 4. Original post by Odd socks I got Report 4 years ago 5.

Perhaps the more important of these two is Natural Physical Attractiveness, because there's not a lot we can do if someone was born unattractive, so once again we can assign the following weights within the Looks category: Subjective approximations are fine for all of these individual sub-values: Job, education, family, stability, mental health The above is sufficient to arrive at a person's raw market value.

However, this value almost always has to be tweaked further based on age and gender. For demographic reasons, as explained in this article , a surplus of singles occurs among younger men and older women. While these two demographics experience a boost, the other two young men and older women are penalized as a result of this distribution. Therefore, we make the following assumption: Everyone else is scaled proportionally.