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You Know You Are Dating an IRISH Man When...

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We're brand new, but plowing along. I find myself getting insecure about the cultural divide, curious to know if sex and couplehood customs differ as much as our language does.

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  • More specifically, what are the common standards for women on the other side of the Atlantic? Feel free to be explicit, as it's the sex and love stuff that I'm most concerned about. I know how to order haggis online, and am teaching myself to do a mean yorkshire pudding. The things that confound me are perhaps more juicy: Not to standardize or shoebox, but please.. Women picking up boys--in any Western culture, anyway--is easy. Flirt like you would with any American boy and see how it goes. Why would you be "concerned" about the sex?

    I can't imagine it's terribly different on either end of the pond. Just remember he'll be uncut, and BJs are universally appreciated. What do Scotsmen wear under their kilts? On a good day, lipstick. Also, while your intent not to totally offend him with some minor thing is admirable, it sounds like he's already dating you. That is, he's already dating you -- not some construct of Girl that conforms to common standards of [UK] women. He's just a guy, and you're just a girl; we're all trying to figure it out, best as we can.

    I doubt he'll freak out if you're, for example, shaved more or less than he's most accustomed to, because most likely, he's seen more significant variation just among UK exes.

    Greatest Hits of Haggis

    You probably won't be a statistical outlier. I hope this doesn't sound like "OMG you're just a notch on the bedpost," because it's not supposed to. Unless you are getting a feeling from him that the cultural divide is quite large? In which case, can you clarify what are the differences you are already perceiving? Wait until he's looking in your direction, then casually lick your eyebrows. Is he Scottish or Irish? Or a bit of both? It's VERY important for you to understand that the two aren't interchangeable.

    I think you're worrying too much. We're not talking about somewhere obscure like Booniestan. Do, however, remember that the people are "Scottish" and the whiskey is "Scotch". Den Beste at I'll fix my own mistake here: The people are "Scots" You talk about him like he comes from another universe. It's only a cultural skip across one ocean. He'll know more about American culture than you'll know about Scottish for sure, but don't worry about it. My advice, don't be easily offended. If he wanted to date 'one of his own' he wouldn't have aimed for your knickers. Drink beer with him, make his mates your mates.

    As a Brit myself I can tell you there are no greater social lubricants than these. Drink beer with him Yes, drink it. If he'll eat haggis, he'll eat anything, so relax. This is a windup right? You don't even know if he's Scots or Irish. That could cause all sorts of problems when you come to buy him a bottle of whisk e y. OK Cior, here's a little advice. Don't assume that translates into those times they are not with you. Don't get disappointed if they forget to ring while they are with the lads, it really is not you.

    Sexually they believe they've hit the jackpot if you're as into sex as your question seems to suggest so relax about that.

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    • Oh, and I'm celibate. Dating here is complicated and scary enough, but the "not dating" culture I keep reading on scare me even more. I'm not at all forward when it comes to guys I like if there friends I'm a great person to be around! Witty banter gets me tongue tied and I usual just melt into embarrassed silence.

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      Scottish people don’t date

      A girl can dream. Excellent read, Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work. You are very fortunate to have found such a 'rarity'. That is the type of man, of whom, I have always dreamed. I have only been discouraged by American men. He was a bit drunk but still standing and I had the feeling he hid from his pals everytime he wanted to kiss me or hug me more deeply.

      Are Scottish men different? How to date a Scottish guy

      We both had to fly back to our countries so no more meetings. He is my first scot and I normally keep in touch texting and so on, but the second time I did i think he was not in the mood of doing it. So how the hell can a girl keep in touch with a scottish guy without making him feel as you wanted to tie the knot.

      I noticed, from my time in Scotland.. They just start in groups like a safety net and don't CALL it dating. Dating is implied if they ask for you to join the group a few times. The dating evolves into single one on one time eventually, it just happens instead of people having to say "Are we dating? They figger you can tell, seeing as he keeps calling you.. But it's still "old fashioned" thinking because the guys want to chase, not be chased by girls.

      You do not have to put out to get the guy How many ways to just say one thing.. So, you don't have to ask for a date, you are never going to pronounce date, but actually you're dating. Well, I think that every women should stop. Only Americans and maybe English men use to like a propositive woman Usually other men don't if you are looking for a serious situation of course.

      Come on, we're women, how to flirt and how to date is in our blood if we truly want it! I am an Italian girl, living in Thailand and thinking to move to Scotland in a couple of years.. You should see how Thai's women are.. I'm here with Italian boyfriend It's a work everyday to keep him out of girls messes. And here it's really a job trying to keep staying men by your side.

      Scottish are like a mix of Italians, English and northern men. If you are thinking why.. Italians for passion and way of love, English because of their manners, north men because you can see how much they love to say they're half Saxons and loving rain and cold weather. Haha what alot ehh shite, why would you even stay with a mink that treats yeh like that!

      I had an american version of the man u described.

      I DREAM OF HAGGIS: My Guide to Dating Scottish Men

      Cant judge all by ones actions. Looking for a Scot. I am of Scotish decent and my heart longs for the world my soul already knows. Hi I am Liam, I am a 21 year old Scot, 6ft2, dark wavy hair and work in the entertainment industry. I am really interested in getting to know any US females. Maybe have a relationship? I love a good laugh and good company. I am married to a Scotsman, he has been in America for 3 years now. They toss out all their emotions at one full swoop, get it over with and their done.

      When they get mad they let loose, again, they get done and move on My Scotsman does not drink, works like a dog and is most passionate in bed. Very proud of where he is from, we have the Scottish flag marking his turf, under the American flag of course as he is thankful to America for allowing us to be together. Most do not know how to work on cars or houses, I do that lol.

      Dating differences between Scots and Canadians

      But I will say he is a very loyal good man who would do anything for me. He has such a strong accent, that people ask him to speak english and you should see how angry he gets over that one! I get red faced and ashamed people here are that stupid. Has the best direction of anyone I have ever known, no matter where he is, he finds his way. Yep, he is a keeper. Honestly i dont get how women think they'll find a good man at bars.. I dont care where your from there are christian men or men in general who despise an over drinker..

      You want the wrong kind of man you will find it